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4 Sleeping Habits You Need to Change

4 Sleeping Habits You Need to Change

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Quality sleep is crucial to live a healthy life. Many people forego fulfilling their sleep because they need to work more or simply because they want to entertain themselves more.

Many people in the US obtain poor quality sleep, which leads to various health risks.

Most of these people have adopted poor sleeping habits that worsen their sleep quality. Here's what you can change about your lifestyle to sleep better.

Eating a Heavy Meal Before Bed

People tend to get hungrier at night and end up eating more than they should. It would be best if you gave your body enough time to metabolize the food before heading to bed.

Going to sleep immediately after eating slows down the body's metabolism. The slow metabolism, especially if the meal is heavy in carbohydrates, leads to weight gain and digestion problems.

Since you're lying down after eating so much, you risk experiencing acid reflux and heartburn. Lying down makes it easier for stomach acid to rise and reach the throat, resulting in heartburn and poor sleep.

It's better to have a light dinner before bed to satiate your midnight cravings.

A man using his phone in bed

Using Electronics Right Before Sleeping

Using your phone right before you go to sleep or right after waking up is terrible for your health.

Surfing the internet, playing games, and texting people keep the brain engaged in receiving more information. This prevents you from feeling tired and sleepy.

Moreover, blue light from the screen is damaging to your vision and brain. Research suggests blue light suppresses melatonin production in humans. Melatonin suppression disturbs your sleep cycle and can potentially give you insomnia.

Not Having a Sleep Routine

Some people don't have a proper routine to sleep and wake up. This can eventually be detrimental to their health. It's a known rule that adults need to have at least eight hours of quality sleep to function properly, but some people stay up for over twenty-four hours and crash for fourteen hours when they get the chance.

Maintaining an average amount of sleep in this way is more harmful than good. It would help if you tried to sleep on time and wake up at the same time every day. This will ensure that your body follows a circadian rhythm, wakes up early naturally, and feels tired near your bedtime.

Drinking Caffeinated Beverages in the Evening

Did you know that fizzy drinks, energy drinks, and coffee contain a high amount of caffeine that can disrupt your sleep cycle?

Avoiding caffeinated beverages and alcohol a few hours before your bedtime ensures no excess energy will keep you up.

If you continue to suffer from sleeping problems, you should consult a doctor for sleeping aids.

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